Examination Time Tables

Internal Examination (Sem I) – January 2021

F.Y. S.Y. (CBCS) Pattern and TYBSc, TYBCS, TYBCA

Mode of Exam: Online Examination (MCQ) in Google Classroom 
Time Slots: Morning 8:30 to 11:30  and Afternoon 12:00 to 3:00
Exam NameDateSubject Name
F.Y.B.A.  4/Jan/21Compulsory EnglishMarathi
F.Y.B.A.  5/Jan/21HistoryPsychology
F.Y.B.A.  6/Jan/21GeographyOptional English
F.Y.B.A.  8/Jan/21EconomicsPolitics
S.Y.B.A.  4/Jan/21Compulsory EnglishHistory G2
S.Y.B.A.  5/Jan/21Geography G2Marathi G2
S.Y.B.A.  6/Jan/21Economics G2Politics G2
S.Y.B.A.  7/Jan/21Psychology G2Optional English G2
S.Y.B.A.  8/Jan/21S1S2
S.Y.B.A.  9/Jan/21MILSEC
F.Y.B.Com.  4/Jan/21Compulsory EnglishBusiness Economics (Micro)
F.Y.B.Com.  5/Jan/21Financial AccountingBanking and Finance
F.Y.B.Com.  6/Jan/21Business Mathematics and StatisticsMarketing and Salesmanship
F.Y.B.Com.  8/Jan/21Marathi 
S.Y.B.Com.  4/Jan/21Business CommunicationBusiness Economics
S.Y.B.Com.  5/Jan/21Corporate AccountsBusiness Management
S.Y.B.Com.  6/Jan/21Costing I / Banking ICorporate Law
F.Y.B.C.S.  4/Jan/21Statistics IStatistics II
F.Y.B.C.S.  5/Jan/21Electronics IElectronics II
F.Y.B.C.S.  6/Jan/21Computer IComputer II
F.Y.B.C.S.  8/Jan/21Mathematics IMathematics II
S.Y.B.C.S.  4/Jan/21Computer IComputer II
S.Y.B.C.S.  5/Jan/21Mathematics IMathematics II
S.Y.B.C.S.  6/Jan/21Electronics I Electronics II
S.Y.B.C.S.  8/Jan/21English 
T.Y.B.C.S.  4/Jan/21Sys ProTCS
T.Y.B.C.S.  5/Jan/21NetworksJava
T.Y.B.C.S.  6/Jan/21PHPOOSE
F.Y.B.C.A.  4/Jan/21C ProgrammingPM
F.Y.B.C.A.  5/Jan/21DBMSBC
F.Y.B.C.A.  6/Jan/21StatisticsPPA
S.Y.B.C.A.  4/Jan/21Digital MarketingSE
S.Y.B.C.A.  5/Jan/21PHPBig Data
S.Y.B.C.A.  6/Jan/21DS 
T.Y.B.C.A.  4/Jan/21Dot NetOOSE
T.Y.B.C.A.  5/Jan/21JAVAIP
F.Y.B.Sc.  4/Jan/21Microbiology IMicrobiology II
F.Y.B.Sc.  5/Jan/21Chemistry IChemistry II
F.Y.B.Sc.  6/Jan/21Zoology IZoology II
F.Y.B.Sc.  8/Jan/21Botany IBotany II
S.Y.B.Sc.  4/Jan/21Zoology IZoology II
S.Y.B.Sc.  5/Jan/21Microbiology IMicrobiology II
S.Y.B.Sc.  6/Jan/21Botany IBotany II
S.Y.B.Sc.  8/Jan/21English / Marathi 
S.Y.B.Sc.  9/Jan/21Chemistry IChemistry II
T.Y.B.Sc.  4/Jan/21Medical MicrobiologyGenetic and Molecular Biology
T.Y.B.Sc.  5/Jan/21EntymologyImmunology
T.Y.B.Sc.  6/Jan/21Food and Dairy MicrobiologyFermentation Technology
T.Y.B.Sc.  4/Jan/21Physical Chemistry 
T.Y.B.Sc.  5/Jan/21Inorganic Chemistry 
T.Y.B.Sc.  6/Jan/21Organic Chemistry 
T.Y.B.Sc.  7/Jan/21Analytical Chemistry 
T.Y.B.Sc.  8/Jan/21Industrial Chemistry 
T.Y.B.Sc.  9/Jan/21Agricultural Chemistry 
Internal Examination Time Table 2020-21 Sem I

Last Year Online / Offline Examination October – 2020 SPPU – Time Table for Last Year (TY) Students appearing for Online or Offline Examination.

T.Y.B.Com. and TYBCA